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 I am convinced that connecting with others allows people to progress in both their personal and business development. My mission is to contribute to this process by bringing relevant people together to create a network in order to enhance mutual opportunities.


Ultimately, it is all about the results. All my efforts are geared towards achieving something and contributing to mutual goals. A relevant connection, relevant information and staying relevant.


In recent years, I have experienced that my strength and passion lie in working with people. Now that I have started my own business, I have the freedom to take on the work that I enjoy doing. Work that makes me start off my day feeling energized and motivated, in order to be more successful together.


In order to stay relevant in a world where technological innovations follow in rapid succession, it is important to become strategically agile. In addition to the resilience and robustness an organization needs to adapt to unforeseen and often major changes, the ability to respond to the changes in the market is also extremely valuable. We have to face these changes constantly, and more and more quickly as time goes on.
Current European legislation on procurement of solutions (services and products) results in slow and lengthy acquisition processes. End users have indicated they want this process to change in order to stay relevant. This is why it is important for both end users and their suppliers to work together more closely to be successful for the future. Ergo, it is vital for these parties to be able to find each other within the network. Join us!


My activities focus on companies within military and civil aviation in the Netherlands, in which I support both national and international relations that want to do business in this area.

Gebouw-N, Haaksbergerstraat 67, 7554 PA Hengelo (Ov)

+31 6 1370 6163